5 Irresistible Reasons to Work in Australia

Whether you are currently staying in Australia or living outside it with an Australian dream in your heart, you definitely can partake in the country’s growing economy by securing either subclass 186, 187 or 456 visa. After all, there’s more than enough reasons for you to work Down Under and we bet you too can’t resist these:

Get to Know the Australian Culture

One of the best things about working in Australia is having the privilege to travel across the country whenever you please. Enjoy the city life or get firsthand experiences from Australian wilderness, which you will never forget in your life! How about learning the native twang and speaking English the unique Aussie way?

Enjoy Life in One of the Greatest Cities in the World

In 2013, Melbourne ranked the highest among 3 other cities in Australia (Perth, Sydney & Adelaide) in the list of 10 Most Liveable Cities in the world. Together, these key cities in Australia boast fantastic beaches, great public transportation, awesome parks, and fast navigation.

More Job Opportunities

While other countries are having job shortage, Australia has clamour for skilled workers. This means that you can obtain secured employment especially if you are skilled in a profession or trade.

Work-Life Balance

Believe me, Australia is one of the few countries that promote work-life balance. Most jobs are 9am-5pm except for farm jobs which may require you to work longer hours. The best part is that many companies give amazing perks, one of which is Friday beer. What do you think?

Earn Serious Cash

Now, let’s talk about the money part. Let’s be honest – we all work to earn as much as we can and choosing Australia as a place of work will be the best decision you could make in your life. Come to think of this – compared to countries like the United Kingdom, USA, and Ireland, it has a much higher cost of living, but then you can have triple your salary here. Yes, a month’s salary in the aforementioned countries can be earned in a week when you work in Australia. Isn’t this the best reason to update your resume now and start applying in Australia? Clueless about the process? No worries, we’re here to help! 🙂