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Industry Experience Program

Our Industry Experience Program is for anyone who is currently in Australia or will be coming here for an extended period of time. It’s designed to give you extensive hands-on work experience in Australia and often leads to full-time employment.

Finding employment or breaking into a new industry is not easy. If you’ve been searching for a while, you’re probably familiar with the unfortunate dilemma of needing experience to get experience. Our Industry Experience Program is the perfect way to get your foot in the door at a great company.

Professional Work Experience

You’ll get work experience, lots of new skills and a vast professional network that will launch you in the right direction. It’s also a great way to learn about the Australian business culture if you’re from overseas.

Our Industry Experience program is 100% guaranteed. You will get a great experience at a great company, the only question is which one?

One of the most exciting things about our Industry Experience program is that 80% of the time our applicants are retained after the Industry Experience. Meaning they get a paid position at the same company. If you’re looking to find a job and are willing to prove yourself, then doing an Industry Experience is exactly what you need.

Tell us a little about yourself by filling out the inquiry form.

We’ll give you a call and schedule an appointment to meet up.

Submit an application and payment.

We will make you a new resume tailored to companies you want to work with.

Go through a short interview/industry experience training course

Tell us your availability. We will arrange interviews for you and you just show up.

Accept an Industry Experience offer and get constant guidance the whole time.

You’ll have constant contact with us to make sure you’re having a great experience.

Industry Experience Fees

The Industry Experience program fee sometimes varies based on the services provided, industry, and length of the program. Contact our team to find out how much it will cost for you. The Industry Experience fee includes:

  • 100% Guaranteed Industry Experience placement
  • Resume review and customisation
  • Job/interview training session
  • Ongoing support throughout the program
  • Full coverage insurance in the workplace
  • Certificate of completion after the Industry Experience
  • Coordination of documentation to gain academic credit
  • Reference letter from Career of the Day upon request

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Terms and Conditions (last update Oct 2016)


Training Program


1. Terms of the agreement.

1.1 Commencement of the agreement. 3

1.2 Termination of the agreement. 3

1.3 Duration of the placement. 3

2. Introductory service.

2.1 Application form confirmation.

3. Training.

4. Facilitation of Industry Experience.

5. Code of conduct.

6.Relationship with Host Company.

7. Workplace insurance.

8. Alternative Placement.

9. Damages.

10. Confidential information.

11. Termination.

11.1 Career of the Day.

11.2 Termination in certain circumstances.

11.3 Automatic Termination.

11.4 Effect of termination.

12. Refund Policy.

13. Cancellation of Industry Experience by Host Company.

14. Grievances.

15. Student Complaints.


1. Terms of the agreement


1.1 Commencement of the agreement


This agreement will commence when Career of the Day receives from the candidate a completed application form.

Industry Experience Programs
Basic Package

(6 – 8 Week Placement)


Suitable placement include;


Aged Care
Early Childhood and Development

Foundation level business roles

Total Fee: $500   + GST
Business Package

(8 – 12 Week Placement)


Suitable placement include;
Accounting / Finance
Web Development
IT Help Desk
SEO / Marketing & Social Media

Human Resource


Total Fee: $1550 + GST
Specialised Package

(12 Week Placement)


Suitable placement include;
Specialised Finance / Commerce Roles

Engineering (All Sectors)

Project Management


Total Fee: $2500 + GST



· Individualised one on one consultation and career support

· Resume development

· Interview coaching and preparation

· Placement within a company gaining experience in your area of expertise relative to your Qualifications

· Post-placement support, resume development and LinkedIn coaching




Minimum payment of $500 + GST must be made upon application to commence placement process.
Remaining payments payable within 14 days or prior to industry placement commencement if it happens before the 14 day payment period.


*GST amount of 10% is exclusive of fees listed.


1.2 Termination of the agreement

This agreement will end on the Industry Experience termination date or as otherwise agreed.

1.3 Duration of the placement

  • Duration of the placement varies from different programs.
  • For Basic Industry Experience Program, the duration will be 4 weeks.
  • For Advanced Industry Engagement Program, the duration will be 6 weeks.
  • For Full Project Industry Experience Program, the duration will be 12 weeks.
  • Any intention to extend or decrease the placement duration must be mutually agreed by all parties prior to commencement of the agreement.

1.4 Candidate Short listing & Interviews

  • Candidates will be shortlisted to a minimum of 5 businesses matching their core skills and Qualifications with current industry experience vacancies
  • Minimum of 3 interview opportunities will be offered for industry placement with relevant companies offering valid experience matching candidate skills and Qualifications
  • Candidates will require further coaching and interview support if feedback from client interviews are deemed unsatisfactory

2. Introductory service

2.1 Application form confirmation


To be considered for an Industry Experience, a candidate must submit to Career of the Day:

  • A completed application form (2 pages)
  • Electronic version of Curriculum Vitae (CV) and motivation letter
  • Any other relevant references/ certificates
  • Certified copies of your academic transcripts
  • Electronic professional photo

The candidate’s program shall be placed on hold by Career of the Day until all the necessary documentation is received from the candidate.

3. Training

Career of the Day shall provide the candidate with our “JOB READY” training.

4. Facilitation of Industry Experience

Career of the Day must use reasonable endeavours to facilitate the Industry Experience in accordance with the application form within 16 to 24 weeks of commencement. This 16 to 24 week period does not include any on-hold periods that the candidate self-imposes.

As a candidate, if you are only available for interviews on a part time basis or you put your application on hold, then the 16 to 24 week guarantee period is exclusive of these unavailable days contributing to 16 to 24 weeks of working days.

Career of the Day shall facilitate an entry level placement with a Host company in the candidate’s requested field.

The candidate’s requested field will be the one specified on the candidate’s application form.

Part-Time Industry Experiences can be arranged upon approval but candidates must commit to at least 20 hours per week.

Any changes to a candidate’s requested field must be submitted in writing prior to attending interviews.

The candidate shall not be permitted to change their requested field subsequent to being placed in a host-company.

The candidate acknowledges:

  • The program is designed to develop the candidate’s practical and professional skills, via training, mentoring and support.
  • The placement shall be “entry level”, based on the candidate’s individual qualifications and skill-set, and may involve some administrative tasks.
  • The candidate must answer all email correspondence within 24 hours. Once placed into host company, candidate must reply to email correspondence within one week and complete all questions and assessments when stated.
  • In order to secure a position in a large, top 100 company a high grade point average (80% or higher) is often required.
  • Selection of the host company will at the final discretion of Career of the Day.

5. Code of conduct

The candidate must:

  • be upfront about any commitments outside of the program.
    • upon the expiry of any period of notice of cancellation of the Industry Experience given by the candidate
    • if the host company cancels the Industry Experience due to breach of agreement or company policy
      • Size of the company
      • Number of employees at the company
      • Location of the company
      • Change of preferences after application
      • Changes in Industry Experience hours. A normal working week in Australia is approximately 40 hours. Applicants undertaking a full time Industry Experience may be required to do their Industry Experience for any period up to 30 to 40 hours per week (excluding lunch and other breaks)
      • Conflict with other staff members and the Industry Experience supervisor
      • Level of supervision provided. Training and supervision will vary from one company to another. There are no minimum hours that the supervisor is obliged to spend with the applicant on a daily basis
      • Level of responsibility and tasks allocated. This is ultimately determined by the company and is dependent on the qualification/experience and performance of the applicant.
        • The candidate’s relationship with the Host Company is NOT one of employment.
          • attend any and all interviews, including telephone interviews, arranged by Career of the Day or its agents in respect of the Industry Experience and otherwise.
          • attend the offices of the host company in relation to the Industry Experience in accordance with and at the times and days as noted in the Industry Experience particulars or as otherwise directed.
          • comply with all rules, policies, instructions and requirements of the host company.
          • observe and respect Australian culture as per the training provided in our “First Impressions” training program and comply with all laws and regulations of Australia (including but not limited to all laws in relation to the Visa).advise Career of the Day of any changes of details including visa status, contact details, travel plans, availability,

          The candidate must NOT:

          • attempt to negotiate a paid job offer or a sponsorship arrangement with the host-company at the interview or after the candidate has commenced their placement without prior consultation with Career of the Day.
          • engage in conduct that could prejudice the reputation of the host-company or negatively impact on the host-company’s purpose in any way.
          • engage in conduct that could be damaging towards Career of the Day in any way.
          • harass, bully or discriminate any staff at Career of the Day or the host-company.
          • act in a manner that is likely to be inconsistent with the companies rules, policies and procedures.
          • mislead or deceive any staff at Career of the Day or the host-company in any way.
          • participate in illegal activities or conduct that is likely to conflict with Australian culture (e.g. bribing the host-company or Career of the Day).
          • act aggressively towards or manipulate any staff at Career of the Day or the host-company.

          The candidate acknowledges that if the candidate’s conduct is deemed unacceptable by Career of the Day, the program may be cancelled.

          6. Relationship with Host Company

          The Candidate acknowledges that:

        • The candidate is not entitled to remuneration by either the Host Company or Career of the Day.
        • The program is not probationary employment or unpaid trail work.
        • The host-company is not obligated to offer the candidate employment at the end of the program.
        • Career of the Day makes no guarantee of any employment opportunity with the host company.
        • Career of the Day is not liable to find the candidate employment after the program.

        7. Workplace insurance

        Career of the Day agrees to provide workplace insurance for the candidate.

        The candidate shall not do or allow anything to be done which would invalidate the candidate’s insurance policy or increase the premium and the candidate shall pay Career of the Day all increased premiums and all other expenses as a breach of this term. Please read the fully understand the terms and conditions of your Insurance policy.

        8. Alternative Placement

        The applicant may ask to be placed with another organisation only should the following occur:

        • Sexual/racial harassment or discrimination
        • Inability of the company to continue operations
        • Inability of the company to offer the applicant an Industry Experience
        • If the applicant is dismissed from the company due to their English level provided the applicant has not misled Career of the Day Pty Ltd organisation about their English level at the time of application.

        Applicants must attend any interviews with companies as arranged by Career of the Day. Career of the Day has the right to refuse arranging any further interviews for the applicants and excluding the applicant from the program if the applicant refuses to attend interviews or there’s evidence that the applicant performs inadequately at the interview purposely.

        Once applicant has commenced in workplace, applicants are not allowed to reject their placement offer for any of the following reasons:

      No alternative placement will be offered to applicants in the event of the applicant being asked to leave by the company for the following reasons:

      • Negligence by the applicant in terms of misconduct or disobeying company procedures and policies
      • Inability to perform training provided by the company due to inaccurate information provided by applicants on their application documents (CV, covering letter and any other documents)
      • Leaving the company without informing Career of the Day at least two weeks prior and/or without being given approval to do so by Career of the Day.
      • Taking time off for holidays, personal reasons without prior agreement with the company
      • Taking sick leave without providing your company with an adequate medical certificate if asked to do so by the company
      • Changing Industry Experience hours without prior permission from the supervisor at the company
      • Not abiding by company rules
      • Demanding payments from the host company if the Industry Experience is unpaid
      • Acting in any way that adversely affects the smooth running or operations of the company. For example; unauthorised Candidate downloads, using company resources in an unacceptable manner etc.
      • Any breach of the Career of the Day Code of Conduct.

      9. Damages

      Career of the Day is in no way responsible for any damages caused by the candidate during the Industry Experience program, where the damages may be of any nature.

      The candidate accepts all responsibility personally and understands that they are in no way to be regarded as employees of Career of the Day.

      10. Confidential information

      All Confidential Information is and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Host Company.

      The candidate shall not disclose the names of host-companies on Career of the Day’s database without prior written consent from Career of the Day.

      11. Termination

      11.1 Career of the Day

      Career of the Day may terminate this agreement, with immediate effect, by giving notice to the candidate at any time if:

      • the candidate breaches this agreement and the breach is not capable of remedy
      • the candidate breaches this agreement and the breach is capable of remedy but the candidate fails to remedy the breach within ten business days of the date of written notice of the breach from the candidate
      • the candidate is subject to an insolvency event
      • the candidate fails to make payments on or before the due date of any payments
      • the candidate breaches the code of conduct

      11.2 Termination in certain circumstances

      If the candidate does not accept more than two proposed Industry Experiences or if in the course of facilitating the Industry Experience the candidate breaches these terms and conditions, Career of the Day may terminate this agreement by giving notice to the candidate. If there are no breaches by the candidate, then Career of the Day will still fulfil the Industry Experience guarantee.

      Candidate is NOT allowed to reject placement offer for the following the reasons:

      • Size of company
      • Number of employees at the company
      • Location of company
      • Commuting distance to the company (commuting distance of 1 hour is accepted in all Australian cities due to the geography of the country)
      • International profile of the company
      • Changes of preference after application

      11.3 Automatic Termination

      The agreement will automatically terminate:

    11.4 Effect of termination

    If this agreement is terminated, then in addition to any other rights or remedies provided for by law each party is released from its obligations under this agreement, other than in relation to any obligations intended to survive the termination of this agreement

    • Each party retains any rights, entitlements or remedies it has accrued before termination
    • If this agreement is terminated due to the fault of the candidate for whatever reason or cause, under no circumstances will Career of the Day be liable to the candidate for any losses, costs or inconvenience suffered.

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