Professional Recruitment


Are you ready for the next step in your career but no idea where to start?

The team at Career of the Day can help!

Our consultants are always looking to match people with their dream jobs and they have years of experience doing it.

We have a large pool of diverse companies looking for professionals like you, whether you want to work for a large, small, specialized, multinational, or Start-up company.

Some of the fields we specialise in are:

• Accounting
• Admin
• Business & Management
• Design and IT
• Engineering
• Marketing
• Science
• Trade

Submit your resume today and let us do the job searching for you.

Permanent Recruitment

Are you looking for long term employment?

We have several great companies that are looking to employ you full time for an indefinite period of time.

Benefits of long term employment are:
• Stability and job security
• Paid time off
• Career progression within the company
• Long term relationship building with colleagues

Submit your resume and inform us about your desire for Permanent Recruitment.

Temp and Contract Recruitment

The amount of temp and contract jobs increases in the current Australian job market. It basically means you work for a certain amount of time. It might be because somebody is on a maternity leave or because of peak season or you get hired for a project. You know upfront that your contract ends on either a specific date or on completion of a project.

Temporary or contract recruitment is ideal for people that like the possibility of changing jobs, working on the basis of projects, being involved with multiple companies, and those that are looking to expand their network.

Submit your resume and inform us about your desire for Temp and Contract Recruitment.






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