Industry Experience Program

Business Package – Industry Experience Program

The Business Package Industry Experience program allows candidates greater exposure to the Australian workplace, working in a team and management of technical tasks and projects depending on individual skill and discipline.

This program aims to provide the candidate with full exposure to internal operations and procedures, dependant on candidate Qualifications and skill level. Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting / Finance
  • IT & Web Development
  • Marketing & Social Media

Duration: 6 weeks placement

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Specialised Package – Industry Experience Program

Our Full Project Industry Experience Program offers the full range of services available to Career of the Day. Career of the Day works with both the candidate and Host company to map out a project plan and list of achievable milestones assisting with business networking opportunities, tasks and duties requiring completion during the placement and additional tools allowing the candidate to gain some structure and confidence when forging their career post placement.

Suitable placement include: 

  • Accounting  / Finance Roles
  • IT Web Development
  • Engineering all sectors

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Project based learning
  • Exposure to system and internal business technology
  • Use of project tools and processes transferable to all roles and industries
  • Client contact and management
  • Networking and building of your professional network

Duration: 12 week placement

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