Professional Training

Employers are looking for staff that have confidence, someone that shows Initiative you must have lateral thinking and generally be creative, different and an all rounder.

Basic First Impressions Workshop

After our First Impressions Training, we can get you excited for an interview and always make you walk out feeling great knowing that you can never fail yourself in an interview.

PREMIUM First Impressions Workshop

The workshop covers essentials in building your confidence to have a successful interview, you will learn about business etiquette along with principals in today’s global market.

Xero training

Xero accounting software has become one of the most popular platforms for small and medium-sized businesses.

Information Technology Training

We work with experts in the IT industry to bring you training to keep your employees up to date on the latest trends and technology.

Professional Training for Businesses

Business Etiquette

This workshop covers the essentials of etiquette in today’s global market place. Build your confidence and discover what can make or break a business interaction.

Image and manners play a part in how people perceive you. Present yourself as a premium brand and one that is in line with the corporate brand you are representing.

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Advanced Sales Training

In sales, it’s been said that ‘People buy from People’. To make that work, your soft skills need to be better than your competition. Not just your products or product knowledge.

As a business, you may have your own sales methodology. Let us work with you to provide the ‘finishing touches’ to your sales team.

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