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Workshop Overview

This workshop covers the essentials of etiquette in today’s global market place. Build your confidence and discover what can make or break a business interaction. Image and manners play a part in how people perceive you. Present yourself as a premium brand and one that is in line with the corporate brand you are representing.

Who should attend?

  • Executives and Managers
  • PR and Marketing Professionals
  • Sales and Customer Service Leaders
  • Executive Assistants
  • Sales Professionals
  • Customer Service Professionals

Workshop Outline

Understanding Perceptions
How are you perceived? Evaluate your peers and yourself in a fun and eye‐opening exercise.
What is Etiquette?
Discover the difference between protocol and etiquette and the roles that they play at work.
Principles of Good Etiquette
Essential etiquette principals to guide you through tough, embarrassing and unexpected situations. These principles are also a good guide in helping establish workplace civility. Good manners never go out of fashion!
Introduce with Impact (Sequence and words)
Using international diplomatic protocol, understand and practice the correct way to introduce your customers, your managers, your peers.
Global business card etiquette
Practice good business card etiquette and tips on how to make it memorable.
3 keys to a memorable handshake
Unlearn to learn. A handshake is the only physical contact we should have with our customers. Learn how the politicians do it and do it better!
Ushering and seating strategies
Practice the diplomatic way to ushering your customers in and around the office and who should sit where and why?
5 Keys Professional Power and Poise
Essential body language for power and poise.
Dress for business success
Discover key aspects of professional dressing. Standing out for the right reasons.

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