LMT – Labour Market Testing Reports

What is a LMT report?

LMT means Labour Market Test – these reports are a requirement from department of Immigration in the event of a 457 visa application, to demonstrate that all attempts have been made via advertising etc, to hire a local person for the position vacant. The report highlights all advertising completed, it also expresses in great detail all short listed candidates and why they could not be hired.

The 457 visa programme is designed to assist businesses meet short-term skill needs. The intention of the 457 programme is for businesses to look at the local labour market first, before sourcing and securing overseas workers to fill job opportunities.

Please note that LMT reports are not required for all occupations – please see our link to find out if you are required to have a report for your nominated occupation. It is important to also realise that that the government this new financial year has been cracking down harder and requesting more and more LMT reports despite an occupation not being on that list. Don’t let down your client at the final stage, ensure everything is done right with our comprehensive LMT reports.

Information required for completion of a LMT report

For completion of a LMT report, employers need to provide information of all advertising that took place, whether it was online, via networks or social media and or any other recruitment efforts made during the past 6 months in relation to the nominated occupation.

What does the Department of Immigration (DIBP) accept in a LMT report?

Please click on the link below for PDF booklet that answers all questions in relation to what DIBP expects to be written in a LMT report.


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