The Most Common Mistakes Committed When Applying for Migration to Australia

Applying for visas may cause problems for some people especially for those who are travelling for the first time. Due to the number of different migration programs per country, together with their own unique requirements and criteria, it’s possible for people to make a mistake in their visa applications. There are many reasons why Australian migration applications are being denied, with the following as the most commonly committed ones.

  1. No Cover Letter or Submission

A Cover Letter or a Submission is something which is written to summarise the reason why a person is applying for a visa. It is a message or summary used to present your case and try to persuade the Department of Immigration and Border Protection into approving it. The needed documents serve as evidence but they do not tell a story as to why you wish to migrate to Australia. You need to make it easy for the case officer to read, don’t just assume they know.

  1. No Checklist of Documentations

The documentations are needed to serve as evidence of your application. A checklist is needed in order to make sure you have completed and submitted all the needed documents. This also makes it easier for the Immigration Officer to review your case. The online portal accepts up to 60 attachments, how many of those will you need?

  1. Incomplete Documentations

Applying for a visa will need a fair amount of documentations and other paperwork. Many believe that the Immigration Officers do not review the files they submit so they do not pass everything that is needed. Not submitting all the needed documentations may lead straight to refusal without the opportunity of providing them.

  1. Trying to Beat the System

There are those who believe that they can do shortcuts when it comes to applying for visa. They think of ways in order to get a visa in the shortest time possible so they can migrate faster. It’s like applying for a Visitor’s Visa instead of a Student’s Visa in order to be approved faster, however when onshore in Australia you might not be able to apply for a student visa whilst holding a visitor visa! It is best to do every step correctly and double check everything.

  1. Withholding Information or Telling Lies

Many applicants tend to hide some information which might keep them on hold or tell lies in order to be approved quicker. There have been many cases in which applications have been refused or denied because a small part of information is missing or does not make sense along with the hundreds of other statements in the application. Withholding information or telling lies is grounds for visa cancellation even once you get settled into Australia, so it is never worth it. If you are completing an application and have doubt that your circumstances are actually suitable for that visa upon further consideration, then it is certainly worth seeking advice from a registered Migration Agent. Any doubt in your mind is surely going to also be doubt for the assessing officer.

  1. Interview Blunders

One of the reasons why people fail at interviews is because they fail to express themselves in English. It is possible to get an interpreter for this case. There are also those who say too much information and other unrelated things which make it difficult for the Immigration Officer to comprehend and lead to more questioning. There are also others who argue with Immigration Officers when they ask questions or give their thoughts. If you don’t 100% understand the question that is being asked, then ask for clarification.