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Why do people still fail during job interviews?

In your search to a new job, a new career path or an internship, job interviews are an important and inevitable part of the process. Once you get invited for an interview, there is only one chance to make a good impression.
We all know to dress professionally, research and prepare, have questions ready for at the end of the interview, talk polite and don’t start mumbling when you don’t know an answer. How is it then possible that so many people still get it wrong…

university degree and education
The difference between getting a degree and an education

People often think that the day they get that shiny embossed degree they suddenly become qualified and are now ready to get out and take the professional world by storm. They think employers will be lining up at their door with offers of 100k salaries, company cars, and corner offices. If that’s you then this article might hurt a bit.

How do you find a way out among troops of fresh graduates?

As an international student who also experienced the same situation, I would say that you are in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous position. I understand the reality is hard and cruel.
As you have invested huge $$ in the Australian Higher Education system and you assume that you are ready for a job.

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Where we came from and where we’re going

Whether you’re a foreign graduate who is new to Australia or you’re just looking for a career change, we can help. Finding a job isn’t easy, but you certainly shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than your dream career.

career path
Have you found your career path?

So you just finished high school or maybe you already have professional experience or maybe you are searching for a new path in your professional life?
But are you sure this is what you want? If you are not sure, we have found 3 unexplored career paths that may bring lots of joy, some adventure, identify new skills and along the way can give some good income.

define success in life
How do you define success in life?

All too often we equate a successful life with material possessions. Yet, there are millions of people out there who lead successful, fulfilled lives who may be of modest means. They may not be rich in the financial sense, but they are rich in life and values. So what are the things we should strive on how to be successful in life and have a positive impact on those around us?

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