Work in Australia / 想在澳大利亚工作吗?

Work in Australia / 想在澳大利亚工作吗?
More and more people are seeking new work opportunities from overseas nowadays. Meanwhile, increasing companies are hiring overseas employees to meet their requirements for business.

If you are lucky enough to find a position, congratulations! That’s a good start!

Obviously, move to a new country, start new work and life is not easy.

When you entering the new office, what is your feeling? Exciting or nervous?

Totally different environment, cultural diversity, non-native speaker… all will made you lost, even if you are an experienced professional already in your home country.

As a fresher in Australia from China, I am happy to share my story with you. Maybe you have same feelings with me.

The first step is preparation, once I was informed the visa granted, I confirmed my onboard date with my boss and ready to plan my journey then. Before I arrived, my colleague sent some reference documents to me. It helps me a lot to familiar with my work in advance. It is better to prepare more to know what will include your tasks and responsibilities before start the work. Collecting related information from different ways, such search engine is also a good way.

In order not to be late at the first day, I previewed the commute route at weekend. To calculate how long will it takes from home to office, check the public schedule? Where is the station? How to transfer? How to walk to office from station? And how your office looks like. So I will not be hurried and confused at Monday morning.

As a new hire in Australia, I thought the most important action is TO ASK. You may not sure very simple task at the beginning because you are not familiar with this country’s cultural or language barrier. Fortunately, Australian is enthusiastic, warm, willing to help others. So, don’t be shy.  Ask earlier better then make a mistake later.

It is not difficult to adapt to the new job in Australia if you are experienced and have basic communication skill in English. I was worried about I cannot understand well at the very beginning. When I know more and more about the daily tasks, it became easier. And back to my previous point of view, if you are not sure, to ask questions in time is the best way. You will be improved day by day.

Many rules are universal in the world, so your experience will help you. What you have done before is good example. For instance, as a marketing staff like me, how to target customer base, how to use popular promotional means, how to understand and work with business develop plan…… these are knowledge what you have, and no need to take the training again. What the difference is the country and company, prepare to get understanding of local markets and business as soon as possible.

Luckily, if your work is related with area and environment which you are familiar with, that would be much easier to take the work because you are expert of your market, your industry and your home country. You know how to operate it and what is the market like than others who never been in your area. You even know how to find available local resources. It will help you become more confident to complete the work. There is an old Chinese saying: Gold will glitter forever. Wherever you are, whatever you do, show your talents and abilities and trust yourself.

I haven’t been long time here, but I like Australian life now. Nice people, pretty city, keep smiling every day. It is not easy to start in a new country, but it is not hard as you thought.

If you have to experience different lives, don’t be hesitated, go ahead!