Top 5 In-Demand Skilled Workers in Australia Today

Due to changes in the economy, businesses strive to hire only essential staff. Along with the innovations and technological advances around the world, the jobs which are needed most by businesses have been changing. So for those who are looking for opportunities in order to land a job, it is best to know which jobs are currently of high demand.

  1. Dogger

Dogger jobs require slinging techniques including the selection and inspection of lifting gear to safely sling a load. These refer to those who lift heavy loads such as beams which are needed in a high elevation place. These jobs are usually found in construction sites in which there is a high building being established.

  1. Rigger

Riggers assemble and install rigging gear such as cables, ropes, pulleys and winches to lift, lower, move or position machinery, structural steel and other heavy objects by use of a crane.  They are often working closely with crane operators and doggers to due to having connected and similar jobs and also to ensure safety in the construction site.

  1. Scaffolder

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support people and materials. Scaffolds are required to enable workers safe access to work areas in relation to working from heights and access for long periods. They are made of metal tubes and connected using joints and screws to lock them in place. Scaffolders are responsible for the selection, arrangement and inspection of the scaffolds. The safety of the other workers relies on them, which is why they are important in construction sites especially to those which are high buildings.

  1. Tire Fitter

Tire fitter jobs are generally connected with automotives. Tire fitters specialise in the removal, repair, maintenance and installation of tires to rims and split rims. There are also those known as heavy duty tire fitters. They are tire fitters who have experience with heavy duty farming, civil and mining equipment with larger split rim applications.

  1. Sand Blaster

Sandblasting is used to clean and remove unwanted materials off surfaces of metal. It uses sand with high pressure in order to do so. This is also used in removing paint and other unwanted materials off of walls, roofing, and cement. Paint cannot be applied on surfaces which aren’t clean which is why sand blasters use the technique to clean the surfaces. Sand blasters are generally connected to construction and renovation of houses.