Top 10 Jobs for Travellers in Australia

Many love to travel to different places for different reasons. Working while travelling can help you save money to explore more of the country you are in. Here are the top 10 jobs in Australia for those who wish to earn money while travelling:


  1. Bar Staff/Kitchen Hand

These jobs involve work such as bartending, assistance in preparing meals, general cleaning and other jobs related to bar and kitchen activities. Some will require previous experiences with bar and hospitality jobs.

  1. Fruit Picking Jobs

These are seasonal jobs and are one of the most popular jobs among travellers because it is easy to do and will have them make a lot of great friends. You will only need to be fit enough to do the job and you’re all set.

  1. Tourism

Some tour companies in Australia aim these jobs at backpackers to work for them. Many backpackers choose these jobs because they can go on tours around parts of Australia for free.

  1. Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are one of the easiest jobs to get into. Some involve door to door jobs while some will need you to market their products to other people. One of the best things in this job is that you might not need any experience, just the right attitude and a bit of training.

  1. Au pair

These jobs are fit for those who love children and looking after them. There are those who provide their au pairs their accommodations and also provide free meals.

  1. Charity Fundraising

This is perfect for travellers who are outgoing and love to socialise. It is also perfect for solo backpackers who wish to meet other people.

  1. Restaurant and Café Jobs

There are quite a lot of restaurant and cafés that hire backpackers across Australia. Work includes cashier, cleaning, cooking, serving and other related jobs.

  1.  Volunteering

There are many different volunteering jobs in Australia ranging from wildlife to disaster relief. You don’t necessarily need a working holiday visa to volunteer. This can also be a way to help you gain experience.

  1. Call Centre

Call centre work is one of the easiest jobs to pick up. You only need to have a reasonable understanding and grasp of the English language to be able to get into this job. Similar to sales jobs, you just need the right attitude and a bit of training on their systems.

  1. Events Jobs

There are many entry level jobs which are offered to backpackers in different major cities in Australia. Some of the tasks include packing up after events, serving at conferences and big events, and setting up stages.


These are some of the countless jobs you can take while on a working holiday visa. For more info on the visa, visit the 417 Visa and the 462 Visa subclass pages for your eligibility.

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