Migrate to Australia through a Family Visa

The family tie is the closest and most tender human relationship there is and the Australian government acknowledges this so they let their citizens/permanent residents be with their families from other countries. Through various Family Visas, you can apply to be with your loved ones in Australia.

The partners, children, parents and other family members can apply for a family visa which allows them to be with their Australian or New Zealand citizen relative and live there with them permanently. Different visa options are available to classify each family visa. This makes it easier for the Australian government to identify those who are eligible for application and those who are not.

Family visa options have been divided into partner category visa, child category visa, parent category visa, and other family visa. Each of these has different subclasses and has different requirements. Some of these are also subjected to capping or queuing and long processing times.


  • Partner Visa

Under the partner visa category are the partner visa (both onshore and offshore, temporary and permanent) and the prospective marriage visa. The partner visa applies to those who are married or de facto to an Australian citizen/permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen and is not subjected to capping. The prospective visa, on the other hand, is for those who are looking to get married with their partner upon arriving to Australia.


  • Children Visa

The children category visa offers visas to children, dependent children, adopted children, or orphan relative of Australian citizen/permanent resident. They can apply for their children who are under 18 years of age or their adopted children. Those who are under the orphan relative are only applicable for those who have an Australian citizen/permanent resident as their only existing relative.


  • Parent Visa

Parent and aged parent visas are subjected to capping while the contributory parent visa is currently not. Those who apply for the parent visa must have a child who is an Australian citizen. While, the aged parent visa has a specific age limit in order for them to be eligible for the visa. These visas can be subject to long processing times.


  • Other Family Visa

Other relatives may also apply for family visas under their own subclass. The options for other relative visas are the aged dependent visa for relatives who need to be taken cared of due to their age and can no longer support themselves, remaining relative visa for those who no longer have any existing relative other than the citizen/permanent resident in Australia, and the carer visa for relatives who will need to live in Australia to take care of a relative who can no longer take care of themselves.


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