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Jobs for Travellers & Backpackers In Australia

You’re travelling around Australia and you want a job. Maybe you’re saving up for that trip down the east coast in a few months or just want some extra cash. You might have heard people talking about how easy it is to find a job in Australia. Yet here you are, unemployed. Some people get lucky, but more often it takes a lot of time and effort to get a job. Plus it takes a lot of creativity too.

Applying on job boards doesn’t really work because you’re here for a few months and employers will know that straight away because you’re on a working holiday visa. So stop doing the same thing thousands of other travelers are doing and let us place you directly in a job. Join our program and we can have you starting in a new job as soon as tomorrow!

We have employers all around Melbourne looking to immediately fill weekly, monthly, seasonal, part-time, and full-time jobs. Most of our jobs don’t require any experience or qualifications. You don’t even need to speak fluent English.

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How it Works

1. Send us a message

Fill out the enquiry form below or give us a call.

2. Let’s have a chat

We want to find the most suitable job for you so we want to get to know you a bit.

3. Tell us your requirements

You might be staying for 2 weeks or 6 months. We need to know your plans because the job you get will depend on your availability and timeline.

4. Join the Program

The program fee includes a new CV, job coaching, and full access to our exclusive job openings.

5. We match you with an employer

The employers we work with have weekly, monthly, seasonal, part-time and full-time jobs. We find a job that fits your requirments as well as the employers.

6. Start working ASAP

After a quick orientation and our training course you could start your new job as early as the next day.

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Jobs for Travellers - FAQ

What makes you different than all other job sites?

Career of the Day’s job service is unlike any other because there is no applying involved. When you work with us, all you have to do is come in for a chat. You’ll be offered coaching, a training session and CV revision, and we’ll place you in a job right away. Just tell us what day you want to start and we’ll tell you where to go! No more applying. No more waiting. No more rejection.

What type of jobs can I expect?

The jobs are typically in restaurants, bars, cafes, retail shops, cleaners, etc.

Where will the job be?

All of our current jobs are in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We’ll do our best to place you in a job close to where you’ll be staying. Also, all the jobs will be accessible by public transport.

What if I don’t have experience?

The great thing about getting a job through Career of the Day’s program is that we don’t have any strict job experience requirements. Travellers come from a very broad background and often find their skills aren’t directly transferrable to many jobs in Australia. As long as you are willing to learn a few new things and can do at least a moderate level of physical activity then you’ll be fine.

Do the jobs count towards my second year visa?

Probably not. Most jobs are in the city and are often in the hospitality field. The only jobs that qualify for the second year visas are in found main categories including:

  • Plant and Animal Cultivation
  • Fishing and Pearling
  • Tree Farming and Felling
  • Mining and Construction

What is the fee?

$295.00 AUD

Why is there a fee?

Because we will give you a new CV, job training, and interview coaching.

But $295 is a lot for a backpacker

Let’s look at the facts. Every day that you don’t work is a day you lose money. You still have expenses, and having no income and a low bank account is not a great feeling. You only have to work a few hours per week and the fee will pay for itself. Or you can keep looking… You won’t know when you’ll have a job and certainly won’t find any guarantees. So, stop sitting there being unemployed and send us a message.

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The fee for the program is 295+GST

It includes a new resume, job training, and most importantly, a 100% guaranteed job.

Fill out the enquiry form to get started working right away.

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