Interview Presence

Venue – Melbourne

Career of the Day
450 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004

Time and Date

Workshop Overview:

This workshop covers the essentials of etiquette and image principles in today’s global market place. Build your confidence and discover what can make or break how you are perceived. Present yourself, as a premium brand and one that is in line with the corporate brand you want to represent.

Workshop Outline: (Full day 9.00am to 4.00pm)

Understanding Perceptions
How are you perceived? Find out in a fun and eye‐opening group exercise.
What is Etiquette?
Discover the difference between protocol and etiquette and the roles that they play in a business/interview scenario.
Principles of Good Etiquette
Essential etiquette principals to guide you through tough, embarrassing and unexpected situations. These principles provide a good guide in helping establish workplace civility. Good manners never go out of fashion!
Your Entrance
Small things make a big difference. Discover the techniques used by top sales professionals on making a memorable entry
3 keys to a memorable handshake
Unlearn to learn. A handshake is the only physical contact we should have with business associates and acquaintance. Learn how the politicians do it
and do it better!
5 Keys Professional Confidence, Power and Poise
Essential body language for power and poise. Learn confidence hacks that will help take the edge of your nervousness during interviews and replace it with confidence, power and poise
Dress for business success
Discover key aspects of professional dressing. Standing out for the right reasons.
Interview Round Robin
Mock interview sessions recording and review.