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It all starts with the CV.

This is the first impression you give a company, and you need to make it count! Both content and format play an equally important part, and we can help with both. Each and every role is unique, and so should be your application. If you are asked for a CV instead of a resume, then you need to know the difference, and make sure your application is tailored for the role. The front page of your CV might only be looked at for 10 seconds, with 5 pages for every other page, and we know how to make it count!

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The Interview

To some people, the word interview brings them great hope at the potential job at the end of the process, but at the same time putting a huge amount of stress and fear upon them. Do you feel that you are not succeeding interviews because you feel you are failing them? The great news is that we can help! Check out our First Impressions Training where we can get you excited for an interview and always make you walk out feeling great knowing that you can never fail yourself in an interview.

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“Sorry, due to your lack of local experience we chose another candidate”.

Sound familiar? Ever scratch your head wondering “how can I get local experience to begin with?” If you are stuck in the horrid limbo between a qualification that keeps slipping behind you and paid employment which is too hard to reach, then you can now rest easy knowing that we can guarantee you an internship experience. With an average of 75% of our interns employed at the end of the 12 week profession hands-on experience, the worst case scenario is that you get an invaluable reference letter, some powerful referees, and the experience shining on your CV. After eligibility, we can take the hard work out for you, by securing you interviews for suitable positions after you enjoy all of our CV and training services to best prepare you.

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Just got employed? Don’t rest easy yet!

So you’ve just got a job, but now you’ve got to keep it. We know all industries across Australia and can best prepare you for the workplace with our Job Ready Training.

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