From Homestay to Career of the Day

A blog written by our proud Director

After years of working in the corporate and education sectors, I started searching for a meaningful business to start and operate. I, in conclusion, started up a Homestay Accommodation business to offer affordable accommodation to international students coming to study at our universities in Australia. There was a huge demand for Australian families that lived close to a university to provide a private room to these international students arriving daily into the country for a western education. The demand was so big for families to take these students into their homes, that my business went national within one year and was turning over $1m dollars within two years.

Although this was a satisfying business, I still wanted more….I wanted to add some value to this large market or should I say influx of new cultures to this country supporting Australia’s population growth and providing skills to our workforce.
I had one of my student placements from a homestay family call me one day, asking me if I could help him find a job!? This turned my homestay business into a job seeker business within a few months. I started researching the market and found that it was very difficult for international students to find a job after their graduation. I therefore quickly put together a network of contacts and starting finding these graduates, from all cultures around the world. And of course I had to find jobs in the Australian workforce as well and this is how Career of the Day was created.

Essentially, Career of the Day was created on the basis of empowerment and job excellence. We pride ourselves on the services we provide for individuals searching for their dream careers. Finding suitable, long term employment in the current markets can become very frustrating and time consuming. At Career of the Day a professional research team of consultants are constantly working towards tailoring the perfect job for each unique individual.

Unlike some of the major competition in some of the areas catered for, Career of the Day is a one stop shop providing all cultures job opportunities within the Australian work force, constantly updating information on job offers for potential future employees. We surpass any competition in all our fields through impeccable service, compassionate people skills and dedication to placing university qualified students in a role of their chosen profession.

The mission of Career of the Day is:

“To deliver quality services for all International job seekers, which is informative, user friendly and aims to bring successful outcomes to all of its members”

The major aims of the company in the next five years are:

“Broaden our networks of clients, business partners, company connections and exposure in the general public to all our target markets.”

Our key points as a company will be to:

  • Facilitate careers for all international and local job seekers.
  • Provide professional services and training to the broader job seeking market.
  • Embark and initiate new training programs from professional sources.
  • Offer a suite of value-added services to all members of our website. Including career coaching, CV enhancement and training, and uploading CV’s on our website.

We find it highly important to follow what our members need to enhance their job hunting opportunities or better still, to assist them to get that long awaited job. So, make job searching enjoyable not tiresome.

Eventually I hope this company becomes the market-leader for internship placements, boasting a professional range of employers from a diverse range of industry sectors including Business Administration, marketing, Information Technology, Engineering, Accounting, Finance and much more.

Everybody deserves to do what they like most and pursue their dream career!