7 Ways you can differentiate yourself in the workplace


Standing out in a workplace can be difficult. It’s not easy to find ways to separate yourself from the countless others in the same position, in a company that’s so big you have never even met your boss. However, if you want to advance your professional career to reach your goals you must find a way to be noticed. Here are 7 ways that you can use to differentiate yourself in the workplace and be noticed.

1. Have clear Career goals for yourself

The growing number of individuals with higher qualifications is now making it extremely difficult for some people to find long-term employment. Uncertainty in the job market makes it even more pivotal to have clearly defined career goals for yourself. Without career goals and future ambitions, it’s quite easy to lose track of where you’re going in your career and this can lead to years of working in a job you hate. Take the time to find what it is you want from your career and make sure you are always taking the right steps to achieve what that is. This alone will help you stand out, because you understand what you want and you will be driven to achieve it.

2. Focus on your strengths

Focusing on your weaknesses is a certain way to find yourself at the bottom of the pile when the next promotion opportunity comes around. If you’re not good at something, don’t sit in front of a computer all day trying to figure it out by yourself, you will look incompetent. Instead, focus on what it is you do well, with the ability to literally outsource anything you can focus on the things you do the best and have someone else finish the tasks you struggle with.



3. Make an effort to help others

Make an effort. Not many people in the workplace offer to help others for the fear that it can lead to additional work and no one wants to do extra work. Don’t make life too hard for yourself, but make an effort to offer a helping hand where you can. Not only does this show you are willing to work hard but it also allows you to expand your CV.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering can help you stand out in many different ways. Companies are looking for well rounded candidates and volunteering can help expand your skill set into other areas that can benefit the business. While it can be difficult to find a paid position in something you really want to do, volunteering can be a way to get your foot in the door. Every business wants experience and volunteering can be a great way to help you gain experience and fit it all around your schedule. It’s a win, win!

5. Embrace social media as a networking tool

Social media is a great way to build relationships. It can take time, but getting on Linked In before you start work and connecting with as many people as you can, commenting on group posts and you will get noticed. You never know what opportunities can come your way if you put yourself out there.



6. Seek out opportunities to Up-skill

Knowledge is crucial to standing out in any workplace. Seeking opportunities to expand your knowledge of your industry and market will help you to be a valuable asset to your company. CEO’s love people with ideas, and someone that takes time to read blogs, visit seminars and do short courses are far more likely to have ideas. All it takes is one good idea to catapult your career and take you from the bottom of the pack, right to the top.

7. Voice your ideas when you feel you have something good

It’s one thing to have ideas, but it’s another to actually gather the courage to verbalise those ideas, especially in an environment where ideas are normally not discussed. It may be difficult to comprehend, because it’s so far out of your comfort zone, however I guarantee it will be worth it. How will your boss know you have an ability to think outside the box if you never say anything? Well, this is your opportunity to do something and see yourself standing out in the workplace.