7 Ways to know you’re on the wrong career path

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We spend the better part of our lives working and it’s logical that we all want to enjoy what we do, however finding the right career path can be difficult, and for some, it never happens. Many of us get so caught up in earning a pay check that we forget life is meant to be lived. It’s easy to fall into this trap, but it’s just as easy to get out, you just need to know you’re on the wrong career path. Here are 7 ways to know that you’re pursuing the wrong career.

1. Each day is monotonous and unchallenged.

The first telltale sign that you’re on the wrong career path is when your work has become monotonous and unchallenged. Completing the same tasks over and over again, although it’s easy, is hardly challenging and it won’t be long before you’re banging your head against the wall.

If this is you, it may be time to consider other opportunities. Each opportunity has different perks, for example a small company will give you plenty of flexibility, however a large company offers far more job security. You need to decide what it is that’s important to you.
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2. You hate getting up in the morning.

If you have reached the point when the mornings have become unbearable, then you may be on the wrong career path. When that alarm rings you want to know that you’re going somewhere you enjoy and to do something you love with people you enjoy being around. If you have to work 40+ hours a week then you have to find something that you won’t hate getting out of bed for.

Do you find yourself in this position? If you do, then take a step back and try to find out why it is that you dislike it. Is not challenging enough or boring? Find out and then try to find something that fits your preferences.

3. You constantly wish you were somewhere else.

Wishing you were somewhere else is common for those that are on the wrong career path. Of course there are times when everyone wishes they were somewhere else, but if these times outweigh the enjoyable times then perhaps this is not the career for you.

Lifehacker suggests taking a career quiz to give you some insight into what you actually enjoy doing. A website like My Career Quizzes is a great place to start.

4. You’re jealous of what others do for work.

Being jealous of your friends career means there is another career out there that you like better than your own. It’s not a bad thing to be jealous, because this gives you a starting point when figuring out what you really want to do. You shouldn’t be happy to settle and continue doing something you don’t enjoy. Try asking your friend how they got their job and if it’s something you could see yourself doing, then go for it!

5. You hate telling people what you do.

People will always ask what it is that you do, especially on a date, so it’s important to be confident when asked about it. At the end of the day, your job is a massive part of your life and anyone trying to get to know you will want to know.

If you dislike talking about your profession, then consider what it is you would be excited to talk about. Find what you love and then work towards achieving it, sometimes it takes a bit of uncertainty before you can find your true career path.

6. You dislike those that you work with.

The people you interact with professionally will always play an integral part in finding the right career path for you. Sometimes finding a great job isn’t enough, in some cases people will give up the job of their dreams because they dislike the people around them. The people around you are the people you will see most each day, so finding people you like is important when determining if you’re on the wrong career path.

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7. You have no say and no one listens to your ideas.

Having all these great ideas but no one to listen to them is frustrating, and could be an indication that you’re in the wrong profession. Feeling unappreciated is common in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be you. Ideas are great, the world certainly needs more of them, so find a career that allows you to express your ideas with people that want to hear what you have to say. Not everyone feels this way, with creativity generally comes more responsibility which means more work so it’s important to find what you want from your career.