6 Ways to Make the Job Interview Count

Getting an interview is not always easy. Though, when the day comes when you do get one lined up for a great new position, you’d better make sure you know how to properly conduct an interview. Now you might think you have it down, but the importance of knowing and mastering the subtleties cannot be understated. After all, there would be nothing worse than getting turned down from your dream job for something as simple as not having a firm enough handshake.

Take a few minutes to watch this TEDx talk by Anna Post. She explains the importance of mastering the most basic interview skills. They are so important, because if you slip up on even one of them, that could be the difference between a rewarding career or  another six months of unemployment.

She makes a good point that the conversation you will have in an interview will potentially be one of the most important conversations you will ever have. Why? Well, because for many people it can determine your long-term future. It will determine the amount of money you’ll make, the industry you’ll work in, the people you’ll work with, the friends you’ll make and it will play a large part in how happy your life ultimately will be. The obvious alternative is having a career that you hate, which will usually translate into other aspects of your life as well.

It’s important to take the time to learn the basics, because even the most talented individuals can destroy their chances of having a great career by not getting them down. The video is only six minutes long and well worth your time.