5 Things You Should Do After Graduation to Kickstart Your Career

Schools mostly teach students about academic subjects and seldom the real things needed in life like applying for a job and other things. This is why a lot of newly-grads find it difficult to choose which careers they will take. However, there are things which a newly-grad can do in order to build a solid foundation for his career in the future.

  1. Map out your career plan

Many fresh graduates tend to search for employments and go on job hunts without planning their careers first. Consequently, those who do not have a concrete career plan end up either resigning or staying on their careers without passion or love for their jobs. Mapping out your career plan helps you understand which goals you wish to accomplish and the other things you plan to avoid.

  1. Seek advice

When you come to a point wherein you find it difficult to choose which career suits you or which one would be best for you, it would be best to ask for advice from the people around you who understand who you are and what your personality is like. It is also possible to seek the advice of experts regarding job counselling in order to understand which career best suits your capabilities.

  1. Determine your specialty

Every person has a skill which they specialise in whether it’s public speaking, technical or something else. Knowing your specialty can help you look for a career which would best suit you. There are also those skills which are in-demand which can help you become more marketable and would make it easier for you to land a job.

  1. Consider the in-demand jobs

There are jobs which are in-demand in certain parts of the world due to the lack of experts under those categories. Your degree may be part of those jobs which are in-demand. If it isn’t in any of those, it is possible to work for a job which is similar or closely related to the degree you’ve finished. You also need to consider that what is in demand now, might not be in demand tomorrow!

  1. Work Experience

Once you’ve already found out which career you plan on taking, you should do some work experience in activities which are related to your career. This can help in providing you with experience which you will definitely need in the career path you chose. This can also help improve your work opportunities and also in improving your career life. Most of the time, your first professional experience will be unpaid, however speak to other professionals in your field who have made it and you will be surprised just how many had to work multiple unpaid hands-on and on-the-job training roles. Everyone needs to start somewhere.