CV Editing

Why are we the best?

Our CV editing service offers you the chance to get a professional CV in no time. Our team has years of experience in the HR and recruitment field and knows exactly what each industry is looking for in a professional CV. Don’t forget that the format for each profession is unique.

Our team views, reorganises, ads, and deletes information to highlight your skills, strengths and experience to stand out of the crowd.

We assist you in getting a professional CV and securing more chance at that dream job. It’s affordable, quick and perfect for anyone who needs a little help to stand out.

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You upload your current CV content in your Career of the Day account.
We proofread it and provide you with instructions of what other info we need from you via email.


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After receiving all your necessary information we customise the CV to your needs and goals, keeping in mind the field of your profession and the Australian CV requirements.


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Within 3 business days you receive your new professional CV via email. You have up to 1 week to get a change done on the draft. After that, you’re ready to start applying for that dream job!