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How to Choose a Career?

Whether you are finishing your high schooling, university, or believe you are not happy with your current career, choosing a new career involves an honest evaluation of yourself as well…

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How to react to a job rejection

Assuming you wouldn’t apply for a job that you really don’t like, you look forward to an invitation for a job interview and once you get that invitation you get…

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Brand YOURself!

Nowadays with the internet, social media and many other aspects about you and your personal life out in the open, it’s important to consider how you want to be seen by people that look for information about you.

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Not getting past the interview stage? Maybe no one likes you!

You employ people that you like. For some job seekers, this is probably a harsh truth, and you are now probably scratching your head wondering not only why you are unemployed, but why no one likes you! Have no fear, I’m not here to be the provider of pessimism, I’m actually here to give you some insight to what recruiters and employers look for in candidates in the interview stage.

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