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achieve your goals it is possible
How to Achieve Your Goals

How to Achieve Your Goals The New Year always signifies new goals to achieve as the year passes by. However, New Year’s Resolutions are mostly unachieved by the end of…

How to Write a Professional CV
How to Write a Professional CV

As job applicants, you know that a Curriculum Vitae or CV is necessary in applying for jobs and internships in companies in order to showcase your skills and past job…

web developer basic skills
Finding your first job as a Web Developer

Software developers, web developers and IT mayors in general have a big advantage over accounting graduates and professionals in many other fields. The advantage is that programming is actually a scarce and required skill. Therefore, the market is hungry for good Information Technology professionals.

career path
Have you found your career path?

So you just finished high school or maybe you already have professional experience or maybe you are searching for a new path in your professional life?
But are you sure this is what you want? If you are not sure, we have found 3 unexplored career paths that may bring lots of joy, some adventure, identify new skills and along the way can give some good income.