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Melbourne, Australia has been rated the world’s most liveable city in the world.
Why would you have your students do an internship anywhere else?

[vcex_icon_box style=”one” icon=”cogs” icon_color=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”24px” heading=”What we do” heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]We have perfected the intern placement process over the last 8 years. Hundreds of our interns have gained life changing experience that has often led directly to employment in their career field.

With such a broad range of partner companies, we can provide opportunities in most industries and can even include accommodation, transport, visas, excursions and more.[/vcex_icon_box]

[vcex_icon_box style=”one” icon=”building” icon_color=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”24px” heading=”About our Companies” heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]Career of the Day has close partnerships with hundreds of companies in Melbourne and across Australia. Each company is screened by our internship consultants to ensure they meet our requirements.

Only established companies with sufficient staff and resources dedicated to providing quality mentorship are considered.[/vcex_icon_box]

[vcex_icon_box style=”one” icon=”check-square-o” icon_color=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”24px” heading=”Why Career of the Day?” heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]The best thing about partnering with Career of the Day is that we make it so easy to give your students a great internship. Whether it’s 4 weeks or 4 months, we’ll facilitate the whole thing.

Just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. Standard or customized programs are available and group discounts apply.[/vcex_icon_box]


We can arrange as much as you need to make the experience
easy and enjoyable for everyone.

[vcex_icon_box style=”three” icon=”lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#eeeeee” icon_background=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”60px” heading=”Step 1″ heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]Tell us the goals and requirements of your institution and the students you’d like to send to Australia.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”three” icon=”building-o” icon_color=”#eeeeee” icon_background=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”60px” heading=”Step 2″ heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]We arrange internship positions at great companies around Melbourne in many industries. Internships can be part-time or full-time and can be between 1-6 months.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”three” icon=”plane” icon_color=”#eeeeee” icon_background=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”60px” heading=”Step 3″ heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]Airport transfers, accommodation, visas, mobile plans, excursions and more can be provided depending on your requirements.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box style=”three” icon=”thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#eeeeee” icon_background=”#3f90bd” icon_size=”60px” heading=”Step 4″ heading_type=”h2″ url_target=”_self”]When the students arrive, we will coordinate everything they need to have a successful internship environment for the entirety of their stay.[/vcex_icon_box]